If you're like me, you probably love how versatile and convenient your AeroPress can be. It's nearly indestructible, perfect for traveling, and with a bit of practice can produce some exceptional cups. Though the AeroPress has a lot going for it, many will reach for another brew method for one simple reason: brew size. That's right, sometimes size does matter!

Almost every recipe for the AeroPress focus on single cup brewing, and rightly so as the brew chamber only holds ~250ml of water + grounds. While this normally isn't too limiting, you may want to share a cup without having to brew twice. Here's a quick little recipe (a slight modification from Kaffeologie using their metal S Filter) that makes enough to share. If you're used to pour over brewing, this method should be fairly familiar.


  • 25g Medium Ground Coffee
  • 400ml of Water (purified) at ~200˚F
  • AeroPress
  • Paper AeroPress Filter (rinsed thoroughly)
  • Scale + Timer
  • Stirring Device
  • Carafe (at least 400ml and sturdy)
  • Kettle (gooseneck or regular spout)
Love the AeroPress but wish it made a little more coffee to share with a friend? Give this recipe a spin!

Step 1: Set Up the Brewer

Put the rinsed paper filter in the black AeroPress filter cap and screw on to the lower chamber. Put the lower chamber on top of a carafe or stand and set on a scale. Add 25g of coffee and zeroize the scale.

Step 2: Slowly Add Water

Start the timer and add 50-60g of water to "bloom." Watch all those happy little bubbles come to the surface. At 0:30, slowly continue pouring and when the scale reads 200g, stop pouring and stir 5 times. Continue pouring slowly until the scale reads 400g. (Notice that in order to fit 400g of water into the AeroPress, some of the coffee will have to drain during the pour)

Step 3: Install Plunger

Ideally the scale will read 400g sometime between 3:00 and 3:30. Once the scale reads 400g, set the AeroPress plunger on top of the chamber to create suction and suspend the brew above the filter.

Step 4: Press Slowly

Take the carafe and AeroPress off the scale to prepare for plunging. At 3:30, begin forcefully and consistently pushing until all the coffee is pushed through the filter. Aim to finish plunging at ~4:00. That's it! Serve and enjoy!


If the coffee tastes weak, watery, or the coffee drains too quickly through the filter, try grinding finer on the next brew. If the coffee tastes too strong, astringent, or doesn't drain quickly enough through the filter, try grinding coarser on the next brew. If you'd like to use a metal filter for this recipe, increase the brew times by 30s.

As always, this recipe is provided as a starting place. Please feel free to experiment with it, and let me know how your results turned out!