Coffee: AKA Colombia Nelson Adrian Munoz (gift)

Gear: Glass Teapot (purchased), Acme's Tajimi Cup (gift from Acme & Co.)

It's not very often anymore that coffee just shows up in the mail randomly, but the wonderful family team over at AKA Coffee has continued to drop me some of their latest exciting coffees over the years. John and Björg are honestly some of my favorite people in coffee, and ever since the old Supersonic days, their coffees have been consistently some of my favorites. This morning's cup of their Colombia Nelson Adrian Munoz is a real treat, packed with juicy sweetness, bright citrus, and a sweet tea like finish. I brewed it up on the GINO and melodrip at 25g // 400g water with a 75g 40s bloom and 50g pulses to finish at about 3:30. I know they never expect that I'll post about their coffees when they send them over (which I always appreciate), but this one was too good to pass on mentioning.