Brian Jones of DCILY has outdone himself again with his new book Brew: Better Coffee at Home. While many coffee related books dive into great detail about the scientific aspect of brewing, or about the nuances of different growing regions, this book takes a fresh approach at remaining approachable for anyone getting started with the basics of manual brewing at home. He covers coffee history, growing practices, processing techniques, roasting philosophy, buying advice, and even includes information on how to decipher the details on a coffee bag. With a variety of straightforward guides for all the major brew methods, as well as a series of tasty mixed drink recipes, there's not a whole lot you'd be missing with this book.

Aside from the coffee history, brew recipes, and eye popping photography (by @lizzieamunro), this book is such an approachable way of explaining the basics of brewing coffee at home. Pick one up for yourself, or for friends getting interested in brewing.