Coffee: Ruby Burundi Gaharo (purchased)

Gear: Ancap Verona (purchased)

It's been a little while since I've loaded up a Burundi in the hopper at home. Recently I got this Burundi Gaharo Hill in my Mistobox delivery and decided to give it a spin. Pull after pull has been outstanding. There's a bright citrus and raspberry pop to this coffee on espresso, with a delicate floral aroma and a creamy body.

Ruby has long been one of my favorite roasters. For a long time I was subscribed to their monthly 16oz delivery (which I've considered restarting recently), and I found them to be some of my favorite coffees. Their relationship with Ben and Kristy Carlson of the Long Miles Coffee Project has consistently brought some amazing coffees from Burundi to their lineup, with this coffee being no exception. For those who care, I'm pulling this one at 20.5 in, 38 out in 28s at 6 bar.