Coffee: Passenger Elida Green Tip Geisha (purchased)

Gear: Acme & Co Evolution (gift from Acme & Co.)

Back in 2014 I bought one of the most expensive coffees I had ever tried. You guessed it, a Geisha! Verve has been roasting up this remarkable coffee from the Elida Estate in Panama for a while now, and it always sells quickly. Since then it's consistently been at the top of my list of favorites every year and I've never missed a year ... until this one! Somehow between work, travel, being sick, and everything else I completely missed the boat in placing my order at Verve.

Fortunately Passenger Coffee, who I've always heard wonderful things about but never ordered, was offering up a big ole bag of joy with this one. Brewed it up this morning on both filter and espresso and feel fortunate to have gotten a mulligan. It's super spendy but totally worth it for someone who's been tracking this coffee every year.