Coffee: Pair Cupworks Ethiopia Limu Washed (purchased)

Gear: melodrip (purchased), notNeutral GINO (purchased)

I first met Kimhak at Peixoto (one the best shops here in Phoenix). He's a barista there and also a huge coffee nerd. Recently he reached out and mentioned that he was working on some fun new projects with his ceramic/roasting venture called Pair Cupworks. Always interested to see what folks just getting started with roasting are up to, I ordered a pair of bags - one being this Ethiopia Limu Washed. Gotta say, I'm a big fan of their cute branding and how they're communicating their tasting notes. We even got to meet up at Peixoto so I could pick up my order (and he threw in a pair of other coffees as well!)

Flavors in the cup on the melodrip and GINO are packed with bright citrus and dark stone fruit. The body starts out lighter at hotter temps and gains a bit of silkiness as it cools. All around a tasty cup and pretty impressive for a local just getting going!

And finally getting back to posting. WOO! Here's a shot of their bag as well as a dumb boomerang of my setup here in my cleared out office. Life's been a little challenging since we've been renovating our whole house the past couple of months!