I've been building a coffee tracking spreadsheet since 2014, and it's been incredibly helpful in keeping an eye on my inventory of coffee bags as well as keeping a record of my brewing. I spent a good amount of time looking around the market for a flexible, powerful tool for capturing and tracking my coffee usage, and never found one that met all my needs. After fleshing out a lot of the bugs, in February 2016 I made it available for download to anyone interested in using it. If you'd like to download a copy, click the link below. If you'd like to know more about how the spreadsheet functions, keep reading.


The spreadsheet was created with Apple's Numbers software, which is free and syncs across all my Apple devices and on a web browser via iCloud. While I've considered migrating the software to a standalone app, website, or other software platform, I don't have any current plans to support the spreadsheet on anything besides Apple's Numbers.


  • Getting Started - this page with info on setting up and using the spreadsheet

  • Brew DB - a database of every brew as well as entries for coffees you trash and gift to friends

  • Bag DB - a database of every bag you have with information and automatically calculated statistics

  • Brew Entry - an entry form for the Brew DB (visible on iOS devices only)

  • Bag Entry - an entry form for the Bag DB (visible on iOS devices only)

  • Stats & Notes - a collection of stats including current active coffee inventory and brewing stats


Whenever I get a bag of beans in, I'll go to the Bag DB sheet and add a new row with a record of that coffee. Pertinent info gets logged there and I'll record as much detail I have available for that bag by looking on the packaging or the roaster's website. Every bag is automatically assigned a unique Bag ID which I refer to when brewing that coffee.

Each time I brew coffee, I'll create a new row on the Brew DB sheet and add in all the brewing details and notes I had about that brew using the Bag ID as a reference. I also assign each brew with a general rating of Average for coffees that don't necessarily grab my attention or are generally lackluster, Enjoyable for coffees that I would be happy to enjoy again, and Exceptional for coffees that I particularly enjoyed and would not hesitate from recommending to others.

Each time I brew, information is automatically updated on the Bag DB sheet for that particular coffee, including Max Rating, Current Amount, and a count of each brew method used for that coffee. Also, every day the spreadsheet is opened, the Days Old field is updated to show how far off roast a coffee is, along with a Bag Status indicator to show whether the coffee is NEW (2-6 Days), GOOD (7-13 Days), OLDER (14-27 Days), or STALE (28+ Days). Obviously these evaluations are subjective and not necessarily an indicator of the coffee's actual freshness, but it simply serves as a general guide.

The Brew DB can also be used to indicate whether a coffee was Gifted as well as Trashed. Though it may sound tedious to track every usage of a coffee outside of simply brewing, it does provide an accurate representation of the amount of remaining coffee, how old it is, and can guide you to figuring out which coffee to brew next.

Should you want to sift your coffee, a check box is added for the in the Brew DB where you can then add a Pre-Sift Amount to keep an accurate accounting of beans you grind but don't actually brew with. In all cases, with or without sifting, use the Dose column to record the amount of coffee you actually brew with.

Tracking your brewing allows you to see interesting statistics about your brewing habits. The Stats & Notes sheet summarizes all of the coffees you have in one place as well as well as providing statistics about your brewing and preferred brew methods. If you should want to generate a new statistic custom to your own brewing, this sheet would be a great place to calculate that information.


After downloading, the first page of the spreadsheet contains a description of how to customize the dropdowns and columns in the sheet to fit your brew methods and equipment. Within short order, you should be up and running to start logging your bags and brews across all your devices.


While I would love to answer any and all questions about modifying the spreadsheet for your needs, it is being provided as-is and is up to you to alter as you should need. If there are issues with using it, if you have any trouble, or if you'd like to share how you've modified it, feel free to contact me.