I get asked frequently for recommendations on the best subscription coffee services. I personally subscribe to a number of great coffee delivery services for brewing both at home and in the office, so I thought I'd share my thoughts about them here. Though I don't have the finances to sign up for other great services, I'll also mention a few others that I've sampled, or heard good things about from friends, near the end of the post. If you've had great experience with other subscription services, shoot me a message about them!

Over a year ago now, we also discussed this topic on IBMOC Episode 18: Subscription Coffee:

Curated Subscription: Mistobox

I've been signed up for Mistobox for a long time, in fact it was one of my very first coffee subscriptions (alongside Tonx). In the beginning, they would send out a sampler pack of coffees from 4 different roasters every month. Fast forward to today, Mistobox looks a lot different than when I first signed up, and all the changes have been for the better. Now their focus is on full 12oz bags, delivered directly from their growing list of exceptional roasters, tailored to your specific tastes and shipped fresh at an interval that meets your needs.

Whether you enjoy lightly roasted single-origin coffees, or your morning cup is paired with a little cream and sugar, they get to know you through a brief survey when you sign up, and curate coffees that you'll enjoy. I've had so many great coffees delivered from Mistobox, and it's nice to see how they're continuing to develop relationships with some heavy-hitting roasters here in the US. Plus, another big benefit for their service is the ability to add specific coffees to your wish list or contact your curator to tell them what you're interested in. Frequently I'll be wanting to try coffee from a particular roaster or region, and my curator is always happy to oblige my requests.

Recently they also added 3 tiers and pre-payment at varying price points to their offerings. Depending on what types of coffee you're looking for and how far in advance you're willing to pay, you'll likely find an option that fits nicely in your budget.

  • From $12.79 - $21.99 USD per 12oz bag ($1.07 - $1.83 USD per ounce)
  • Delivered at 1-4 week intervals
  • Up to 20% off w/ prepayment discount
  • Free shipping
  • Personalized curation w/ 35 US roasters and counting
  • Referral discounts available

International Subscription: Kaffebox

For over a year now, I've been subscribed to Kaffebox, a nordic coffee subscription featuring monthly deliveries from a wide range of Scandinavian micro-roasteries. Big shoutout to my co-host Brian Beyke for turning me on to the service - I've yet to find another international subscription that beats Kaffebox. I've received some amazing coffees from some of the world's top roasteries, including Jacu, Langøra, Koppi, Solberg & Hansen, La Cabra, Supreme Roastworks, The Coffee Collective, Tim Wendelboe, and more.

Every month, the team at Kaffebox selects two coffees from one roastery and sends them your way. Personally I'm signed up for the 750g subscription and receive 500g (two 250g bags) of one coffee and a 250g bag of the other. Aside from the great introduction to some lighter roast profiles and amazing offerings, one of the great parts of this subscription is how many people around the globe are enjoying the same coffees as you. It's a blast sharing conversations about these coffees with people in other countries.

  • $20.32 USD* for one 8.8oz bag ($2.31 USD per ounce)
  • $33.54 USD* for two 8.8oz bags ($1.90 USD per ounce)
  • $47.97 USD* for three 8.8oz bags ($1.82 USD per ounce)
  • $59.99 USD* for four 8.8oz bags ($1.70 USD per ounce)
  • Delivered monthly
  • Free shipping
  • Monthly social media giveaways

* estimated international conversion rates


Roaster-Direct Subscriptions:

I've come to believe very strongly in developing supportive relationships with specific roasters, and being willing to offer my ongoing support by subscribing. You probably have roasters you love, and if they offer a subscription (at a decent price), I would encourage you to sign up and show some love! Here are the three roasters that I'm currently subscribed to, and a little bit of info about each.


Ruby Roasters

In 2015, Ruby won the Sprudgie Award for best coffee subscription - and for good reason. Every month Jared and the team at Ruby select two tasty coffees for their subscribers in 8oz bags. That's a solid pound of tasty beans selected each month, along with a thoroughly detailed email describing each. Like Kaffebox, all subscribers receive the same coffees, so there's always plenty of conversations happening online about the deliveries. 

  • $22 USD per 16oz shipment ($1.37 USD per ounce)
  • Delivered monthly
  • Free shipping

Augie's Coffee

Austin and the team at Augie's are roasting some consistently impressive coffees. Aside from their coffee, every time I've stopped into their Redlands location, I've always had a great experience and felt like part of the family. When I found out about their subscription last year, I knew I had to get on board. We brew up their coffees in our office, and they've developed quite a following amongst my coworkers. I'm signed up with their 2 bag subscription every 4 weeks, but you can change the frequency and even drop down to 1 bag if you'd prefer.

  • $19.80 USD for one 12oz bag ($1.65 USD per ounce)
  • $35.10 USD for two 12oz bags ($1.46 USD per ounce)
  • Delivered at 1-8 week intervals
  • Free shipping

Compelling & Rich Coffee

Compelling & Rich has been on my list for a long time, since very early on in my journey with specialty coffee. Kian does an outstanding job sourcing and roasting interesting coffees, and he's quite competitive in terms of price as well. I was looking for a solid roaster to supply beans for our office, and their monthly 5lb subscription option was ... well ... compelling! For the past 3 months, we've been enjoying fresh crop coffees from Colombia and Ethiopia. I also wind up pulling a good amount of these coffees as espresso at home. Don't worry, they also offer smaller subscription options as well.

  • $23 USD for two 8.8oz bags ($1.31 USD per ounce)
  • $31 USD for two 12oz bags ($1.29 USD per ounce)
  • $58 USD per 5lb shipment ($1.37 USD per ounce)
  • Delivered monthly on the 1st or 14th
  • Free shipping
  • Exclusive 25% subscriber discount

Notable Mentions:

Presented in no particular order, here are a few other interesting subscriptions that I've either sampled or heard great things about. Though I may not be able to speak from regular experience about any of these options, if you've tried them or have another you'd like to see added to the list, please reach out and let me know!

  • Angel's Cup - a blind taste test helping you hone your coffee ID skills

  • My Coffee Pub - a US coffee delivery service featuring a new roaster each month

  • Bean Portal - 4 100g samples from a different international roaster every month

  • 3000 Thieves - a different Australian coffee roaster delivered monthly

  • Tim Wendelboe International - one or two bag options shipped monthly from Tim Wendelboe

  • Corvus Membership Box - a competitively priced subscription option from Corvus Coffee

  • Bean Bros - a monthly coffee subscription out of Copenhagen