Coffee: Augies Ecuador Arnaud Causse (purchased)

Gear: AeroPress (purchased), Bonavita Variable Temp (purchased)

I've been a longtime fan of Augie's coffee, which is why I was super sad to hear about the news that they were being evicted from their iconic Redlands location. I've been on their monthly two bag subscription plan for a few years now, and the day my order came was the same day I found out about the news. Brewing up the Ecuador that arrived for a pretty fantastic cup tasting like oranges with a sweet and creamy lingering finish. It's clear the crew at Augie's is doing an amazing job, and consistently one of my favorite roasters.

One of the biggest ways you can help support them right now is to head over to their site and order some beans. They've also set up a GoFundMe page if you're inclined to help out in that way.