Coffee: Ceremony Colombia El Mirador (purchased via Mistobox)

Gear: December Dripper (purchased), Kinto Coffee Server (purchased), Acaia Pearl (gift from Acaia)

Truthfully haven't really been feeling this whole "coffee social media" thing the past few months. Work has been pretty chaotic as has our recently completed renovation, so it's been good to be away. Since I had the day off, figured I'd brew up one of the more flavor-packed coffees I've had recently, and that's Ceremony's Colombia El Mirador from Elkin Guzman. They did some kind of processing witchcraft with this one and there are qualities of both natural and honey processed coffees in the cup. Sadly it appears to be off Ceremony's website, but I landed mine through Mistobox and must have just squeaked in for the last roast.

Also, here's a dumb little BTS of the brew and shoot: